Valentine’s Day and Your Pooch

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  If you have a significant other, you probably already have some special chocolate (keep it up high out of puppy’s way!!) or flowers or shiny gold jewelry picked out.  Or maybe you are more of a homemade dinner or specialty gift kind of person.  But have you thought of everyone in your house?  Did you remember your bestest friend?  The one by your side through thick and thin?  Who loves you know matter what you look like?  Who never gossips about you or talks behind your back?  The one who is always excited to see you and sad when you leave for work or school or an errand?

Basket of Treats:

Yes.  Your pooch needs a little something for his or her devotion.  And trust me, there are tons of options out there.  For starters, I bet that Lacey would make you up a killer Valentine’s day basket of treats!!  OMG!  Would that be amazing or what?  Willow and Coach go nuts for the peanut butter treats (I need to put in another order!). So, consider some homemade, specialty treats as a Valentines Day gift for your furry loved one.


OK.  You want to do something special for your pooch.  Something you made by hand.  How about some soap?  Check out the instructions at the Candle and Soap page.

Of course if you crochet, there are lots of options for dog sweaters.  If you do a search on you tube, you can find some tutorials on how to crochet a sweater super fast (time is running out, my friends!).  Check out the great sweaters in the video below.

Etsy (Handmade, but by Someone Else!):

Or, you could go to Etsy if you want handmade without the bother of making it yourself.  Etsy has plenty of fabulous artists and crafters who are making wonderful things and then selling them online.  For instance, you could get a Valentine dog collar: Dogologie has one at their Etsy shop and Clementine also has a red rose collar (my personal favorite! See photo below).

il 570xN.425251911 lgfz Valentines Day and Your Pooch

Clementine Red Rose Valentine Collar From Clementine’s Etsy site.

There are also sewn sweaters for dogs, such as the Valentine’s Love Jacket for Fido as seen in the photo below.

il 570xN.300363067 Valentines Day and Your Pooch

I Love You Dog Reversible Dog Jacket small/medium

Pet Portrait:

If you are really in an expansive mood, you could have your pooch’s portrait made.  Christina Lindley is an artist who does pet portraits (see photo below) and her mom is a fellow puppy raiser. Her website is at Pet portrait’s by Christina.

spanky Valentines Day and Your Pooch
Spanky, one of Christina’s pet portraits.


If those suggestions aren’t enough, there is also a Pinterest page that has oodles of Valentine’s dogs and lots of ideas for Valentine’s Day and your dog.  Check it out.  You might just surprise yourself and your fur baby!  Have a great Valentine’s Day.  Coach and Willow and I wish you lots of love and kisses!!

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