Slow Pull Retractable Leashes

Here is some very exciting news.  Shortly we are expecting the release of the new Slow Pull Retractable Leashes to hit the market. The retractable dog leashes are found in many dog households in the USA.  But the new Life’s Abundance version is an exciting and superior product because of its unique and industry-changing technology.

This innovative leash works like any other retractable leash when a dog walks at a controlled pace.  However when a dog suddenly takes off running, this unique leash will instantly increase resistance in

slowpull 300x201 Slow Pull Retractable Leashes

Slow Pull Retractable Leashes

proportion to the dog’s force, enough to almost stop the dog completely.  In addition, since the leashes design prevents the leash cord from rapidly pulling out, it could save dog owners from injuries including burns, abrasions, lacerations and even amputations.  This leash also protects pets and their owners by eliminating the force generated when a dog runs out the length of the leash cord.

These “hard stops” from traditional retractable dog leashes have resulted in dog walker injuries to the shoulder, elbow and wrist and dog injuries to the trachea, eyes and even death.

By gradually slowing the dog down, the Slow Pull Retractable Leashes will give the dog walker time to hit the emergency brake and or regain control of the dog with verbal commands.  This promises to be like no other retractable leash available on the market today!

If you are interested in getting on our list to be notified as soon as these Slow Pull Retractable Leashes are released for sale please email us at  The Slow Pull Retractable Leashes will be sold thru Doggies Unlimited (, Life’s Healthy Pet Food ( and Slow Pull Retractable Leashes (


2 thoughts on “Slow Pull Retractable Leashes

  1. FINALLY! Personally, I stopped using the retractable leash for many of the above reasons. Unfortunately, so many other people still use them and they are a menace to more than just the walker…one thing this new version doesn’t solve is the lady or gentleman at the pet store who has a dog that has run 20 feet away and around a corner and is harassing another dog or owner and peeing unnoticeably as well!
    I will take the safety fixes, good to know the retractable is getting an upgrade.

  2. I was very surprised to read that blog for it sounded like a press release for a product. I don’t know if you’re aware that many many dog training instructors caution their pet owner clients against using a retractable leash. While I can see an advantage to some of the features you’ve described, nonetheless I avoid using a retractable leash for these reasons: I very much dislike seeing a dog being walked at such a distance from the owner, almost disconnected from its human partner. I’ve had to slow my car to a crawl many times when people walk along the road with their dogs without keeping the dogs at a close safe distance to the owner. I fear such a dog will be struck by a car. I understand a person wanting to use the retractable leash especially during muddy spring weather, for who wants a muddy wet leash in one’s hands! Nonetheless, it’s really hazardous to teach a dog to pull forward rather than to teach loose-lead walking, for in the other method the dog does not have any tight pressure around its neck. A goal of teaching loose-lead walking is to protect a dog’s tender trachea from injury.

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