Collar Safety Tips

I have clients ask me about whether they should keep their dogs collars on or not when they are not home.  New dog owners also ask how to find the right collar for their new puppy.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect collar.  For new puppies, look for a collar that allows you to easily slip two to thee fingers between your pets neck and the collar.  If collars are too tight they can become embedded into the dogs neck and cause considerable pain.  If you are going to keep your dog in a crate or kennel, remove their collar first to keep them from becoming caught and choking.  If you have multiple dogs in your home it is a good idea to remove their collars while in the safety of your house to keep them from becoming entangled in each others collars if they begin to play.  If you insist that your dog wears a collar at all times, look into a break away collar.  These collars allow your pet to “break” the collar should they become caught on something and prevents your dog from becoming injured.  I hope these tips help in choosing the perfect collar for your best friend.

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