Promoting A Good Cause

How many times have you been asked to support a good cause?  It could be for a local ministry, a half-way house to help others get on their feet when they have hit rock bottom.  It could be for research purposes to cure cancer or heart disease, a way to give those affected by these diseases a reason for hope.  It could be for a national disaster, a hurricane or tornado or flood, that has changed resident’s lives forever.  There are hundreds of good causes.  There are hundreds of requests for support, both monetarily and in name, in social media and in blogs.  How do you respond?

I tend to be a total pushover.  I recognize the cause, agree to support it and try to encourage others to do the same.  If I see someone holding a sign up that says” Please help, homeless”  I tend  to give them every cent that I have, although I rarely have a lot of cash.  I donate to worthy causes, disasters, diseases, and personal acquaintances that are going through a time of need.  I provide transportation or meals or care to others when they need it.  But, very seldom have I ever been asked to support the cause for pets.  I don’t quite understand because pets are so much a part of our famiies.

So here is your chance.  Many toxic products are on the market.  Many of them harm your pets, even if it isn’t immediately apparent that harm has been done.  Many of them can actually kill your pet.  Please.  Read the ingredients.  If there are toxic chemicals, please don’t buy it.  There are safe alternatives available.  Look into the non toxic solutions.  Don’t take a chance of poisoning your pet using toxic chemicals like those found in Frontline and Advantix.  Let your voice be heard by not purchasing them anymore.

Promote the cause and pledge not to use toxic chemicals ever again for flea and tick protection.  Join the Protect Our Pets Cause.  Keep your pets safe, they trust you not to hurt them.

One option for nontoxic flea & tick protection can be found at :

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