Dog Of The Weekend: Boxer

boxers 300x225 Dog Of The Weekend: BoxerLike many other popular breeds, Boxer comes from Germany and its pedigree goes back to the extinct Bullenbeisser and Bulldogs from United Kingdom. Bullenbeisser used to be a working dog used for hunting animals like bear and deer. It was an expert hunter who job was to hold the animal until the master reached the spot. Boxer of today is believed to be the next generation of the hunter brand viagra professional Bullenbeisser. The breed was escaped from extinction by three Germans who put it on an exhibition in Munikh in 1894 and a Boxer Club was founded on the name of Deutscher Boxer Club to save the breed.
Boxer is a jolly and friendly dog that loves to enjoy the company of humans at home. Its close affiliation with the family members and especially with kids makes is a perfect companion dog. If you bring up your Boxer in a proper way, it is frindly and cordial not only to human being but other pets at home. Even cats can find a very good friend in a Boxer if the later is taught to get along with the former. If you have small birds, chicken, and ducks, it requires a careful upkeep as Boxer can sometimes be tempted to them. Despite its training to bear with other pets, Boxers should not be left alone with these small birds.
Being guard and companion dog at the same time, Boxers are playful and boxerpuppy 273x300 Dog Of The Weekend: Boxerclownish. They are fond of jumping and use their front paws like a boxer. They can jump on the people if not properly trained. They are used in police and army since they are eager to learn and trainable. They can suffer from cancers, hip dispasia, epilepsi, heart troubles, hypothroidism, and allergies. Due to short hair coat, they do not generally need any grooming care. Having a Boxer at home means unfathomable cae, protection, and love which cannot be bought from anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Of The Weekend: Boxer

  1. I grew up with Boxers and they are intelligent, exuberant, sweet loving dogs. Our first used to nurse me when I was sick. She protected us one winter from a person who walked away from a mental hospital about 50 miles north of our house. He came walking out of the woods behind our house in the middle of winter without winter clothing on. We were all in the house and Dutchie (the 1st) went ballistic and began barking and carrying on. Our neighbor saw him and called the police. He was picked up at the end of the street, and we heard later that they had been looking for him for several days.

    Duchess our last one used to try and “save’ us when we went underwater in the pool. She would fetch a rubber ball from the bottom of the shallow end of the pool (about 3-1/2 feet down). She even learned to climb out via the ladder in the deep end.

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