Dog Of The Weekend: Golden Retriever

retriever 300x225 Dog Of The Weekend: Golden RetrieverOriginated in the Scottish Highlands in late 1800s, Golden retriever was mostly taken as a hunting dog but it has many other traits in its personality which are attractive and make it qualify for being adorable as many in one dog. It hears for the cheap viagra with fast delivery deaf, detects the prohibited drugs when trained as sniffing dog, becomes eyes for the blind, and reaches where the point of rescue comes. It is one of the most intelligent breeds with a high learning curve in any position which is assigned to it. That is why, it is adored not only by the dog-lovers, but army and police departments too.

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Loyal and caring
Golden retriever is extremely caring and loving breed that likes to be with he human family. With its adaptable and gentle nature, it becomes an ideal pet dog for the families with kids. Its loyalty for the master and the family touches the skies and it meets the idiom of ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.
Smart and active
goldenretrieverpuppy 224x300 Dog Of The Weekend: Golden RetrieverGolden retriever is an active breed that loves to be engaged in activities such as retrieving, hunting. It likes swimming and can swim even for the whole day long. Catching small fish in the river or lake is fun for it.
It is highly trainable dog breeds that learns at a quick speed and requires a little time to act as a guide, companion, detector. and a spy. But keep in mind that they do not like yelling at them when they do something improper in learning things. They can commit mistakes but correcting them in a polite and soft way can bring more fruitful results for the trainer. Those who distribute love, understand the language of love.


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