New Years Eve Tips

If your dog is anxious when it comes to loud noises then New Years Eve can be a hard time for you and your dog.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind so everyone can have an enjoyable evening.  One of the most important things to remember is to keep your dog indoors, even if they like fireworks.  Also be sure to close blinds or curtains to help dampen the noise.  Turn on the television or stereo to help drown out the loud booms.  If your dog is scared try not to reward their behavior by cuddling them.  It is best to ignore them or distract them.  Be sure to feed them before the festivities begin, a full tummy will make them sleepy and will aid them in  calming down.  Be sure  their collar is on just in case they do get out.  Hopefully these tips will help your dog be less anxious and everyone can have a happy and safe New Year!

One thought on “New Years Eve Tips

  1. Good tips. Jessica. Also, people might find the use of an Anxiety Wrap to be helpful for anxious dogs. Today is Sunday and tomorrow is New Year’s eve and it may not be enough time to purchase one from a supplier or online, but for future reference readers can see the Anxiety Wrap website, The Anxiety Wrap is the original and only patented pressure wrap, proven in clinical research at Tufts University to be effective. In my work as a professional dog trainer working with fearful and anxious dogs I have found the product to be invaluable.

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