Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is time to be thinking about what to give our four legged friends!

For Those Who Like To Eat

I do love giving homemade gifts and if you have time to do that, I totally recommend it.  But, you know, the holidays are crazy and who really has the time? I just happen to know this fabulous place that has amazing treats that Willow and Coach are crazy for: Laceys Barkery! 8-)  I practice the come command with Coach with the peanut butter and bacon treats because they are easy to break into small bits and he absolutely loves them.  I have to tell you, what we post here is our own idea and I can honestly say that Coach and Willow are big fans!

 For Active Dogs and Owners

I learned about this product from my brother who is a runner.  He disliked running with his dog in the early morning because the noise from all the tags jingling woke up the dogs in the neighborhood and made them bark.  He wanted to make his dog run more quietly. He found The Quiet Spot and it does just that: it is a little neoprene pouch that secure all of a dog’s tags and holds them tightly together so that they don’t jingle.  This product is also amazing for service dogs, because I don’t know how many times we have taken our dog to the movies and he has rolled over just as something tender and momentous is going to happen.  JINGLE -JINGLE!! Now everyone is thinking, “Is there a dog in the theater? What was that noise?” Instead of concentrating on the movie.  With The Quiet Spot, that never happens!  It’s a nice stocking stuffer at $6.99.

For Those  Dog Owners with a Sense of Humor

I personally love a cute magnet and a good funny t-shirt.  So, when I saw these two, I had to have them and give them as gifts.  Your dog doesn’t know sit is both a magnet and available at Amazon and a t-shirt from the Dog is Good company.  The Dog id Good Company really came up with the phrase, Your dog doesn’t know sit, I believe, and has the cutest t-shirt.  They also have many other very cute designs as well as a cat and horse line too.

your dog doesnt know sit 300x300 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Your Dog Doesn’t Know Sit Magnet

For The Thinking Dog

Now, there are some of us who have dogs that need more than a tennis ball.  Our dogs are geniuses.  Our dogs need “enrichment toys.”  In other words, they need to be challenged.  I have several suggestions for good toys that will challenge your Einstein.

  1.  Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze: I can guarantee that dogs will go nuts for this.  We had our puppy brunch and every dog that had a chance to play the maze game was hooked.
  2. Kong Wobbler:  This is another treat dispensing toy.  Coach played it in the car on the way to work and it kept him solidly occupied for 30-40 minutes.

For the Nervous or Agitated Dog or Nervous or Agitated Owner

They say music soothes the savage beast, but actually, it’s the scent of lavender that does it.  The Kennel Manager at Southeastern Guide Dogs uses the diffuser listed below in Southeastern’s kennels and says that when used with lavender oil it has resulted in less barking and more relaxation of the dogs.  I bought one for my office and for my house.  I love it.

The diffuser is from 100% Pure Essential Oils.  I also buy my lavender oil there as well.

For Those Who Want to Be on The Best Dressed List

Now, I am a bit fussy when it comes to leashes.  We have tried many, many leashes and have had lots of them chewed through in a flash.  So, it is nice to have a leash that is going to be long lasting and lovely too.  And you want something that feels good in your hand.  For a service dog, we look for something in a European lead that comes with clips that we can clip on to a table to make a tie down.  That is very convenient.  Fortunately, there is a lady in Dunedin who handmakes leather leashes and they are fabulous.  Her name is Susan Wallace and she has a website of leashes.  The leash I like is the 6’ service dog leash.  You can always ask for something special with your leash as well.

When All Else Fails, Go For the Crowd Pleaser

I have no idea why this toy is a winner, but at my recent puppy party, it was one of the most coveted presents.  It is an intriguing gift and I am sure it will give loads of laughter.  So, why not give it a go? I have no idea of quality or reliability, however.  So, I cannot guarantee the recommendation.

  • Treat Launcher:  This device launches treats high into the air for your pooch to catch.  I think you could position pooch on one side of the room and get him to catch them in his mouth or be beside you and run and catch them.  The package said to take it on walks, but that sounded just crazy!

In Conclusion

That’s the list, my friends! Think from the heart first, but if you don’t have time, go for the funny bone or look at what kind of lifestyle your friend or dog has and try to match up a toy/gift to them.  It’s not a long list, but it is a quality list (treat launcher excluded). And your friends and their dogs are worth it.

xmas 036 225x300 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Willow and Coach in front of the Christmas tree. Dogs

Have a happy holiday!!

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