DSC00907 300x168 OH NO NOT THIS AGAINDSC00908 300x168 OH NO NOT THIS AGAINDSC00915 300x168 OH NO NOT THIS AGAINIt’s THAT time of year again. Time to put the dog in a silly hat and laugh. I guess if it makes my human happy I can tolerate it . Making humans happy is what we dogs are all about. I was hoping you could tell me which is the best picture for me to use in my ads., Momma Jean thinks they are all cute and can’t decide. Be careful not to give your dogs too much of that people food that is rich or has chocolate in it. My lab friend named Hogan ate a whole box of chocolates that were wrapped under the tree. ( Guess he gave away THAT surprise). Have a Great Season of giving to each other now and all year long too. No matter what religion you are. Love, M.J.

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