Everybody Loves Casey: From Abandoned to Embraced

Two different “families” adopted Casey, the young Rottweiler/Doberman mix, and then later brought him back to the shelter for reasons like piddling on the floor. In each case, the adopting family preferred to return Casey as if he were a defective appliance rather than engage in the basic training necessary for any young dog in a new home.  To make matters worse, their abandonment was not his first. He had originally been found half-starved outdoors with his sister, who did not survive despite tender care at the shelter. In other words, Casey’s life felt like a never-ending series of losses.

But Casey’s story did not end there due in large part to a devoted shelter employee who not only doted on him but also began to thoroughly screen everyone who wanted to adopt him. She turned people away one after the other until his meant-to-be person arrived: Kara. Kara was a dog’s dream come true. She had experience raising many healthy, happy dogs, a home in the country, and a special place in her heart for Rottweiler/Doberman mixes. After much discussion with the shelter staff and a home visit, Kara was allowed to bring Casey home.

Piddling on the floor did not become a problem because Kara helped Casey learn where to go and how to tell her when it was time. She gave him fun things to chew and taught him to avoid the things that were not meant to be chewed. He ate well and learned fast… there was just one problem: he still seemed fretful and her other three dogs ignored him. It didn’t make sense. There was nothing physically wrong with him and his new home life was kind and dependable, so what was going on?

Like many devoted animal caregivers, Kara called me to try something new after none of the traditional options helped Casey relax and fit in. Animals (including humans) with abandonment issues tend to have significant energy blocks in their first or “base” chakra connection to the earth: the energy center that represents, among other things, safety and assurance of basic worthiness in living. Casey had blocks all the way from his first chakra up to his fourth or “heart” chakra. He also had a hard time staying completely “in his body,” which is a reference to a comprehensive energetic shift out of alignment with the body; something that often happens when animals get scared.  Usually, an animal will shift right back into alignment when the source of fear has dissipated, but repeated or prolonged exposure to fearful situations makes reintegration difficult. Symptoms of being “out of body” include emotional disconnectedness, spacey behavior, bumping into things, and/or apparent lack of recognition of others’ physical boundaries.

After an hour or so of Reiki, Casey was ready, willing, and able to get all the way back into his body and clear all of his energetic blocks, the biggest of which were fear of abandonment and a belief that he was unlovable. Part of his courage came from finally understanding that the negative people he experienced made decisions based on their limitations, not his.  I apologized to him on their behalf and assured him that he was an utterly lovable person. Kara agreed to pick up where he and I left off by shifting out of worry mode; i.e., smiling at him instead of frowning in anticipation of a problem, giving him extra bonding opportunities (like one would with a puppy), and if he started acting “out of body,” reminding him through touch and kind words that it is safe to stay “in.”

That same night, Kara reported a major positive shift in Casey’s behavior. With each passing day, he became happier and more easy-going. The other dogs accepted him and no one asked aloud “what’s wrong with Casey?” Now there’s no reason for that question to ever occur to anyone—including Casey—because the opposite is obvious: he’s wonderful and everybody loves him!

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