A Basset Hound Has Sixth Sense About Her Human Family

There are lots of dog stories and there should be!  There are a lot of people who love and live with dogs and of course there are countless stories to tell about our beloved dogs.  As an animal communicator, I am happily accosted with more stories than I can remember or even record.  Some of my favorite stories are about how animals are healing to people.  These tend to be very uplifting despite a note of sadness that often accompanies them.

The following story is one that I love to share.  I was called to a woman’s home for a consultation to address some questions about two dogs that lived with a woman and her college aged daughter.  The daughter lived across the country in an apartment with her standard poodle while she attended college.  She had some concerns about taking this beloved family dog across the country with her to college so we started talking about the poodle.   The daughter, mother and I finished talking about the daughter’s dog.  It was time to talk about the mother’s dog been sitting between the mother and me.

The dog was an eight-year old rescue basset hound.  The basset hound had been turned into the local humane society.  My client was looking for a companion dog for her husband who was dying from cancer.  She also wanted a dog that would be comforting to her as well during this difficult time in her life.   She look on a local humane society’s website, and fell in love with the basset hound.

She quickly called the humane society and learned that she needed to fill out an online application for the dog and bring it to their location.  She filled it out.  She quickly got into the car to get the humane society hoping that no one else would fall in love with the dog.   The twenty- minute drive seemed to take forever.

When she walked into the door and went to the front desk to hand in her application, she learned that there was a young boy who was also interested in the basset hound.  She did something that she would not apologize for even years later as she shared this story.  She put her application on top of the boy’s application even though he had turned his in first.   “I just had to have that dog.  It was mine.”

The dog was hers.  After the paperwork was filled out, the two were sitting side by side in the front seat of her car.  The basset showed no hesitation as she jumped into the front seat of the car and sat beside her as she drove home.  The basset seemed quite comfortable in the car as if she had ridden in it many times before.

When the two got home, she opened the door and watched this dog that she had known less than two hours, go immediately into the kitchen to greet her husband.  “She seemed to know why she came to live with us.  She knew her role.”  This basset took naps with him and was a constant companion to him throughout his illness.  I have no doubt that she would do the same for the woman who would need company during this difficult time in her life.



One thought on “A Basset Hound Has Sixth Sense About Her Human Family

  1. I believe dogs know their roles and can sense when we need that extra comfort and attention. I know when im sick and need some TLC, Lacey always seems to snuggle a little closer and give an extra kiss or two.

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