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Here come the Judge

I saw a notice a few days ago. Boots & Barkley , (Target Brand), has a recall on their pigs ears. Possible salmonella. There is that salmonella problem again. I’ve been very busy with my newspaper column and blog BUT I was a judge in our local Pet parade at our Autumn Alive festival. Their were over 100 vendors and they said about 5000 visitors. They also had two vendors there that had tables full of natural homemade dog treats. This seems to be the way to go these days, besides maybe all those chemicals from the preservatives are also causing problems with our internal organs. Seems like there is a lot of cancer in dogs these days. I’m no scientist but I say natural is better. Love, M.J.

3 thoughts on “MORE RECALLS

  1. Thanks Mitzi, glad you are on top of these! Scary stuff out there! I had Lacey to the vet today and he was proud to hear we were still giving her our homemade treats and was happy that we knew what was in them!

  2. My dogs still won’t leave the food. They leave it but then I may sneeze, shift sthiglly, or they may get distracted by a noise outside and then its back to square one. I’ve been trying for weeks and its so frustrating. They also won’t look at my face. Only at the clicker or food. Can anyone help me?

    • I’m not sure what you are talking about. Leaving food then not leaving food. What are you trying to get them to do? You are confussing me so maybe you are confussing your dogs? Are you trying to train a dog and he is paying attention only to the food? If so then you need to train the tricks with praise only LOTS of Praise and pull the food out AFTER the session is done. Dogs with really strong food drives will be distracted by a food reward.

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